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Amb. Utchay Odims To Host The Emerging Leaders Conference 2020

Amb. Utchay Odims to host the Emerging Leaders Conference 2020

Event Start Date:
December 4, 2020
Event End Date:
December 5, 2020
Event Venue:
Rock View Hotel. Owerri, Imo State

The wave of change that hit the world in the last couple of months has had grave consequences on world economies. Nigeria as a country has not been left out. Before the pandemic, the  Nigerian government had been grappling with weak recovery from the erratic oil prices.

‘In February, the IMF revised the 2020 GDP growth rate from 2.5 percent to 2 percent, as a result of relatively low oil prices and limited fiscal space.’ The country’s debt service to revenue ratio stands at 60 percent with greater chances of worsening amidst the steep decline in revenue.

The COVID 19 coupled with the challenging Nigerian economy has had grave implications on all economic activities in the country. Many organisations have had to take different measures to  stay afloat. We have witnessed a decline in production of goods and services, pay cuts, reduction in staff strength etc. All these still have their ripple effects on the socio-economic lives of individuals and the nation.

The disheartening situation is that many people seem to have resigned to fate and have accepted the current situation as their reality. For the nation to come out of the challenging situation that she finds herself, it becomes imperative to begin the process of birthing more entrepreneurial leaders. This nation needs more young people who see opportunities beyond the challenges and limitations, and have the grit and tenacity to work towards achieving the goal despite the many obstacles encountered in the process.

The Emerging Leaders Conference 2020 has been strategically designed to initiate and propel the birth of dynamic and creative thinkers, who optimise risk, take advantage of opportunities, take personal responsibility and manage change in the midst of their dynamic environment. These individuals develop the leadership ability to self-generate, self-reflect and self-correct irrespective of their roles, working within institutions as employees or as entrepreneurs.

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